Vulcanizer in Production Process for unit CGLHJ-2000

We are supported by highly qualified engineers and technicians who have vast experience of Hot Vulcanizing and Cold Vulcanizing of Conveyor Belts. We offer these Belt Vulcanizing Services at market competitive prices that suit to customers’ budget. Our major customer is cement factories, coal mines, mining, ceramics factory and others. More »

Tangential belt drives may have various arrangements, depending on the machine manufacturer

The tangential belt drive is mainly used in the textile industry for driving spindles on ring spinning, open-end spinning, twisting and texturizing machines. In principle, this is a tangential drive where the power is not transmitted to a single driven pulley but to an array of spindles or rotors. The spindles (rotors) are arranged in a linear manner with the belt pressed against them by pressure rollers to drive them tangentially. More »

Spindle tapes handles advance spindle speeds & reliable service life

Spindle tapes have been setting the benchmarks for spindle tapes for many years, and are in demand by customers all around the world. Our spindle tapes were developed through intensive cooperation with a leading machine manufacturer with bases in Switzerland, Japan, China and India. They feature the ability to handle spindle speeds over 20,000 rpm, no fiber fly accumulation, and a long and reliable service life. More »

Industrial Conveyor suits our clients industrial needs

We are the Fabricator and supplier of supreme quality range of aluminum industrial Conveyor. These machines are highly appreciated by our clients due to availability of machines in various dimensions,high efficiency on assembly process, which can save up to 50% compare to conventional fabricator by using machining process, this will suit to our client in rush project schedule. More »


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